Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Welcome guys!

Hello everybody and thanks for taking some of your time to follow my journey on becoming  a better


Through this blog I will share my progression and some cool links I personally found on youtube or some other websites about

guitar chords

, technics on

how to play the guitar

, tips about


etc etc :)

I am still a fairly new player and for now I am learning with 2 guys : Marty Schwartz on youtube.
He is giving a lot of free advices on how to play different songs and I would greatly recommend him if you guys want to improve.
The second guy is Jon Coursey, he will give you a bunch of free stuff as well. His videos are top notch, and you guys can check out his awesome course if you want to

learn guitar faster.

You can find all the info you need here.

Alright, after recommending all of that to you guys, I guess its time for me to go practice a bit on my electric guitar.
Stay tuned I am working on a cover and I might post it soon on that blog if I am happy with the results.
Still have a lot of work tho :D

Oh by the way here is a cool youtube video of Sungha Jung, a young prodigy playing the pirate of the caribbean theme. Sungha Jung is a bit older now, but he is still impressive.

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